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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 704 nondescript earsplitting
Following the look of a superior religious value on Sixth Heaven, that they had began to concentrate on 5th and Sixth Heavens by leaving behind a track of faith based detects through these locations .
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Virtually all at once, five to six dharma treasures flew toward these with whistling looks!
Experiencing the dharma treasures cras.h.i.+ng toward them at super pace, Hao Ren performed within the chaotic lightning energy on his human body and had been able bust over suppressions on the Spirit Development World cultivators .
Along with his very eye sight, Hao Ren could only see himself and Su Han surely nothing beyond half a meter .
“Apart from if the four seas dragon clans opened up it jointly, the Nine Dragon Palace is full of brutal beasts,” Su Han whispered to Hao Ren .
When Hao Ren and Su Han accessed Fifth Paradise at night time, their actions couldn’t escape the spiritual detects put aside by the Heart and soul Development Kingdom cultivators .
“What do we do now?” Hao Ren required her .
Together with his awesome vision, Hao Ren could only see himself and Su Han and nothing beyond 50 % a meter .
She obtained averted the Center Fruition Kingdom and also the Nascent Heart and soul Kingdom cultivators but couldn’t evade in the psychic sensory faculties with the Heart and soul Structure World cultivators!
Despite her reluctance to Hao Ren’s impetuous respond, Su Han was now a little female who couldn’t trigger her nature heart and soul . . .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Su Han possessed purposefully chosen midnight to enter Fifth Heaven to make sure they wouldn’t notify a persons cultivators on Fifth Paradise . Along with her top notch-level Qian -level sturdiness, she wasn’t scared of the Nascent Heart and soul World cultivators, but she wouldn’t be able to force out the Nine Dragon Palace if a huge selection of human cultivators chased her .
Su Han looked up at Hao Ren, and her white colored experience checked so lovely and exciting at night nights .
“Exactly what do we do now?” Hao Ren required her .
Seeing the dharma treasures cras.h.i.+ng toward them at super speed, Hao Ren worked the chaotic super vigor within his human body and had been able to crack away from the suppressions from the Spirit Formation Kingdom cultivators .
Instantly, a number of potent suppression crashed toward them from the higher sky, choking Hao Ren and Su Han . Practically all at once, five to six dharma treasures flew toward them whistling noises! The attackers were Spirit Growth Kingdom cultivators on Seventh Heaven! Right after the look of a superior faith based prize on 6th Heaven, they had commenced to pay attention to 5th and Sixth Heavens by causing a find of spiritual feelings during these spots . When Hao Ren and Su Han entered Fifth Heaven at night time, their activities couldnt break free the faith based feels left behind through the Spirit Formation World cultivators . Specifically when Su Han applied all her ability to compel the Nine Dragon Palace to seem with the help of 5 various dragon fingernails or toenails, the thriving appears to be notified the Spirit Structure World cultivators who had been dwelling on 7th Heaven . On 5th Heaven which was significantly on top of the clouds on ground, the thunderous sound could only suggest that a cultivator was pa.s.sing a super tribulation . With very little time and effort, the Heart and soul Creation Kingdom cultivators obtained sensed the aura of dragon cultivators on Fifth Heaven . For that reason, the Heart and soul Growth Kingdom cultivators attacked promptly! Not planning on the fact that Soul Development World cultivators would get involved, Hao Ren and Su Han have been alarmed when the dharma treasures shot through the assortment creation between 6th Heaven and 5th Heaven and crashed toward them! Su Han obtained purposefully picked out night time to enter 5th Heaven to make sure they wouldnt notify a persons cultivators on 5th Paradise . With her top rated-tier Qian -amount power, she wasnt afraid of the Nascent Soul Kingdom cultivators, but she wouldnt manage to pressure your Nine Dragon Palace if the substantial band of our cultivators chased her . She had eliminated the Key Fruition Realm and the Nascent Soul World cultivators but couldnt evade coming from the faith based feels from the Soul Growth Realm cultivators! The Heart and soul Formation World cultivators experienced never cared considerably relating to the factors developing on 5th Paradise . But as soon as the emergence of any supreme faith based prize and the incident approximately Ethereal Summit, they found that they couldnt dismiss 5th Paradise . Go! Viewing the dharma treasures cras.h.i.+ng toward them at super velocity, Hao Ren proved helpful along the chaotic lightning vitality in his human body and had been able burst from the suppressions of your Soul Formation Kingdom cultivators . Whilst stepping for the crimson yellow gold hairpin, he dashed behind Su Han . Carrying Su Hans waist, he raced toward the bottom of the disappearing Nine Dragon Palace although the purple rare metal hairpin migrated at its very best quickness . Hum! The 5 metallic dragon fingernails or toenails out of the blue photo out white colored lighting in one identify within the base of the Nine Dragon Palace . Right after thorough estimations, Su Han experienced uncovered this spot to allow them to enter in the Nine Dragon Palace . She had performed her research on 5th Heaven by hiding her aura, but they were definitely found out with the Spirit Formation Realm cultivators from 7th Heaven! . Su Hans longsword launched a blinding lighting which established a tiny break during the Nine Dragon Palaces collection structure! It was the weakest area in the selection structure! Together with her 100 % power, Su Han was just equipped to develop a modest tunnel! Gritting his tooth, Hao Ren held Su Hans waistline with compel . Using one area was the tiny fracture within the assortment development in the Nine Dragon Palace, and on the other side was the dharma treasures started with the Soul Development Realm cultivators from 7th Paradise! Swoos.h.!.+ Hao Ren flew into this tiny split that has been flanked by multi-colored lighting with Su Han in the hands, emotion as if they had inserted a wormhole with glowing lights . Once they had been a break up-secondly reduced, he and Su Han could well be sealed inside the variety development and pull into bits! Hao Ren applyed away steel-elemental and drinking water-elemental character substance from his body, pus.h.i.+ng the purple gold hairpin to its finest performance . It had been lucky the crimson gold bullion hairpin wasnt a typical dharma value . In any other case, it wouldnt be able to travel below the violent suppression of the selection structure! With widened view, Su Hans body tensed up like some iron . Her working out was best, however the surprising delay a result of the Soul Formation Kingdom cultivators at most significant moment made them enter the break on the selection creation one half secondly delayed! They should have pa.s.sed the crack with very little threat, however right now the problem was extremely hazardous! The selection formation was shutting appropriate regarding Hao Rens heels! Bang! Hao Ren and Su Han out of the blue dropped on the ground soon after remaining spat out by the variety formation . At the same time, the dharma treasures of the Spirit Development Kingdom cultivators crashed on the corners on the array creation across the Nine Dagon Palace, and the black describe of the Nine Dragon Palace was unveiled again . However, including the dharma treasures of your Heart and soul Structure Kingdom cultivators couldnt open up the Nine Dragon Palaces variety development, and in addition they have been bounced off one after the other . Hum! The Nine Dragon Palace vanished into your darkness . Hu . Hu . Being untruthful on the ground, Hao Ren panted heavily and handled his cheek in reference to his left hand, discovering that he was still in existence . Out of the blue, he saw his correct left arm carrying Su Hans very soft waistline even though his correct palm was gripping the softest section of her pectoral . Hua! Hao Ren withdrew his right hand hurriedly, with the knowledge that Su Han would remove him for holding her human body this way . Just after acquiring no response from her, Hao Ren changed to see her cautiously . Su Hans body system was listless, and her eyes lost its normal sharpness just as if she experienced drained all her strength and couldnt even get up through the ground . Hao Ren sat up and tried to draw her up by getting her arm . I want to . relax for a time, Su Han panted her phrases out even though inclined her directly Hao Rens shoulder blades . Hao Ren unexpectedly recalled that in the Nine Dragon Palace which enclosed the 5 aspects any cultivator who didnt have hundun vigor that was the combination of all the all 5 things had been as weak as mortals . Irrespective of her leading-tier Qian-levels energy, Su Han was only a mortal who couldnt use some of her cultivation methods! At this time, Su Han wasnt a master but a sensitive woman who desired Hao Rens protection! It had been night outside the Nine Dragon Palace, and it was exactly the same within . It was subsequently so black that Hao Ren couldnt see their own fingertips if he didnt use his the outdoors heart and soul . Along with his ultra sight, Hao Ren could only see himself and Su Han completely nothing beyond half a gauge . Struggling to cultivate or restore her the outdoors essence, Su Han leaned on Hao Rens entire body and attempted to recover a few of her power utilizing the standard breathing technique . Whilst taking hold of Hao Rens wrist along with her left hand, her shoulder blades migrated slightly with her respiration . In this particular dim nights, whenever they have split up, they wouldnt manage to find each other well . It looked that the noises have been obstructed, and they also couldnt journey significantly . The lifeless s.p.a.ce felt like an invisible cage . Hao Ren thought that Su Han wouldnt have the ability to allow it to be by herself if he didnt feature her . In addition to, she has no aspect basis from the Nine Dragon Palace and might only rely upon me, entrusting her life within my hands and fingers . It is actually a good trust . Hao Ren thinking . Actually, Su Han was quite emotionally charged as she attempted to inhale equally . She kept in mind that when the range formation closed down, Hao Ren still performed her tightly even though it slowed down him down he hadnt permit her to go regardless of the potential risk of getting swallowed via the variety structure . Su Han pushed her cheek on Hao Rens shoulder, emotion feelings of security that she possessed never knowledgeable just before . Su Han ended up being alone all her everyday life along with never used anyone, but also in the Nine Dragon Palace, she were forced to depend upon Hao Ren . Snap! A thread of hundun super electricity came out on Hao Rens fingertip and shone on Su Hans attractive confront . Do not . Su Han immediately achieved out and included his fingertip . Enables look for a spot for a disguise at night time . Hao Ren considered her in bafflement . We cant wander approximately, Su Han stated in a very reduced speech . Roar . Roar . From a length arrived roars of monsters . The roars sounded remote, but also in the Nine Dragon Palace in which the sounds were definitely blocked, the brutal beasts might be not far from them . Except whenever the four sea dragon clans launched it collectively, the Nine Dragon Palace is full of tough beasts, Su Han whispered to Hao Ren . Sometimes as a result of her weaker sturdiness or even the intent to minimize her voice, Su Hans tone of voice was suprisingly low, and her inhale tickled Hao Rens hearing . Hao Rens center raced as he thought that Su Han who had previously been admired afar by guys was now leaning on his body system so lightly . Su Han believed all over to grab her longsword and placed it on Hao Rens leg right before indicating softly, Dont look at those activities . Ability to hear her words and phrases, Hao Ren sat straighter as though she obtained success whatever target . What do we do now? Hao Ren requested her . Even with her attractiveness, none of us might get close to her speedily . She only leaned on his body due to the fact she required Hao Ren as someone she could trust . It turned out an excellent fortune for Hao Ren looking at her normal response to other males . We have to vacation here until daytime, and well take action after a.s.sessing the situation, Su Han mentioned . She acquired probably healed a number of her durability considering that her sculpt was more powerful rather than smooth and listless . Roar . Roar . The roars of intense beasts increased all around them always . Hao Ren handled his torso and observed like people were fortunate they hadnt landed beside some intense beasts . They would need to take part in a tough combat or could have been swallowed from the fierce beasts without the opportunity to battle if it taken place . Since they landed on the spot without intense beasts too near by, they might restore their strengths slowly in half each day . Even the first task within their experience within the Nine Dragon Palace were so damaging, and Hao Ren found it tough to envision the other problems were definitely waiting for them . While he couldnt see clearly at night evening, Hao Ren sensed that the Nine Dragon Palace was actually a gloomy and moist put filled up with thicker fogs during the night time . He and Su Han had landed on the toned terrain without the rocks they will could hide behind . At night time, even fierce beasts didnt dare to move around, therefore it was the safest to stay in where they had been . Nonetheless, this damp and cold surroundings delivered s.h.i.+vers to even Hao Ren, not to mention Su Han who couldnt initialize any character heart and soul . Right after a instant of aspect to consider, Hao Ren tightened his arms about Su Hans shoulder area, taking her into his hands, and giving her some warmness along with his extensive pectoral . Su Han searched up at Hao Ren, and her white colored facial area checked so exquisite and energetic at night nighttime . Inspite of her reluctance to Hao Rens impetuous take action, Su Han was now somewhat women who couldnt initialize her mother nature substance . Biting her reddish colored lip area, Su Han leaned her top of your head against Hao Rens upper body .
When Hao Ren and Su Han entered 5th Heaven at midnight, their moves couldn’t evade the spiritual senses left behind through the Spirit Formation Realm cultivators .
Su Han felt approximately to get her longsword and placed it on Hao Ren’s knee ahead of expressing casually, “Don’t think about those ideas . “
“Except for as soon as the four seashore dragon clans opened up it with each other, the Nine Dragon Palace is packed with intense beasts,” Su Han whispered to Hao Ren .
“Hu . . . Hu . . . ” Lying on a lawn, Hao Ren panted heavily and touched his cheek together with his left hand, finding that he was still in existence .
It was privileged that this purple rare metal hairpin wasn’t an ordinary dharma prize . If not, it wouldn’t be capable of fly under the aggressive suppression on the collection structure!
Even step one within their adventure in the Nine Dragon Palace have been so risky, and Hao Ren found it tough to just imagine what other potential issues have been awaiting them .
Even the 1st step with their journey within the Nine Dragon Palace ended up being so damaging, and Hao Ren found it tough to visualize what other dangers were awaiting them .
Roar . . . Roar . . . Originating from a distance originated roars of monsters .
It was subsequently evening beyond the Nine Dragon Palace, and it was precisely the same inside of . It was so dimly lit that Hao Ren couldn’t see his very own palms if he didn’t use his mother nature fact .
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In spite of her reluctance to Hao Ren’s impetuous work, Su Han was now slightly lady who couldn’t trigger her nature basis . . .
“I want to . . . rest for a long time,” Su Han panted her terms out while leaning her head on Hao Ren’s arm .
On 5th Heaven which had been much above the clouds on territory, the thunderous sound could only imply that a cultivator was pa.s.sing a super tribulation .

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