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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 776 – Reaching The Four-Petal Realm In Secret! squeamish fade
The cave house was cozy in the winter and funky in the summertime, and Xie Yujia was being nurtured because of the two farming approach. Hence, Xie Yujia didn’t experience freezing when she put over the natural stone sleep within a thick blanket.
The planet appeared to lock up currently.
“Erm…” Xie Yujia woke up drowsily. When she observed Hao Ren kissing her, she blushed and nestled better on his biceps and triceps.
When managing enormous amounts of sword beams, Hao Ren elevated his travel, spread out his forearms, and let out a wild roar, feeling all his meridians acquiring.
Standing at the entrance with the cave, Xie Yujia was dazed, convinced that he was the strongest sword cultivator!
Hao Ren kissed her pectoral and nudged her along with his nostril.
Ancient Grandma’s Existence-Dying Notices really had the energy that can convert mother nature! However, if Xie Yujia hadn’t persisted in cultivation, she wouldn’t have had this opportunity!
“Thank you completely! Classic Grandmother!” Elated, Hao Ren yelled toward the beyond the valley.
Getting the development with Xie Yujia’s Ideal Yin Entire body, the process was done quietly and didn’t cause any alterations on the globe!
Hao Ren transformed to look at Xie Yujia and smiled. As long as they have been jointly, they had many opportunity to ‘adjust Yin with Yang’.
Xie Yujia place on her garments and seen him perform the sword techniques on the valley.
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All the sword tactics and variants spread, and Hao Ren realized them very quickly. A well-defined reddish colored sword made an appearance in their fretting hand. As he moved, the blowing wind surged up, and the super bolts chipped.
Bright, natural, black, red and yellow – they had been the five-elemental swords!
Hao Ren lifted her and organised her tightly within his forearms. Although grasping her from powering, he pushed his practical her full chest.
The violent changes of sword energies shook your entire 5th Paradise.
Hum! Hum… Immediately after one night-time, the 36 gold notes that Outdated Grandmother acquired left behind begun to dim, however right now they unexpectedly launched bright wonderful signals once again.
One of the swords was obviously a leading-level dharma treasure, enough to make the Nascent Heart and soul World cultivators mad and astonish the Spirit Growth Realm cultivators!
Soon after one night’s double cultivation, she experienced like her entire body acquired grow to be extremely gentle instead of the preceding dumb experience when she attempted to perception the character basis. Now, she could clearly have the little adjustments in mother nature!
Hao Ren acquired carefully busted her Rock Physique and revealed the most rare farming entire body – Supreme Yin Physique! It was actually a body better yet than Zhao Yanzi’s Genuine H2o Entire body and Duan Yao’s Genuine Fireplace Entire body!
For a couple seconds, she little bit Hao Ren’s chin frivolously, emotion like her body was melting.
It turned out one of the last two sword array formations within the book that Qingfeng Hermit offered to him. Using this sword range development, Hao Ren could even get rid of the Four-Petal Realm cultivators!
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For a few mere seconds, she little Hao Ren’s chin carefully, emotion like her system was melting.
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
The aggressive variances of sword energies shook your entire 5th Paradise.
It had been on the list of very last two sword assortment formations within the book that Qingfeng Hermit gifted to him. On this sword variety formation, Hao Ren can even get rid of the Four-Petal World cultivators!
“Ok…” Hao Ren appreciated the restricted take hold of and moved her up lightly. Then, he collected a small flowered-patterned cloth from your natural stone dining room table and put it by her thighs and legs.
Instantly, Hao Ren sensed the mark of your four-petaled lotus showing up on his forehead!
She wish to remain with him in this manner, even for a couple a lot more seconds.
A lot of sword energies came into his again like estuaries and rivers of gentle before condensing into five longer swords.
Always keeping his arms distributed, he closed down his arms and established two fists.
Xie Yujia believed like her system warmed up, and she was almost out of inhalation as he relocated his palms on the upper body.
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Xie Yujia was absolutely pure and booked, but her seemingly very thin entire body was stunning.
“Thank you quite definitely! Older Grandma!” Elated, Hao Ren yelled toward the beyond the valley.
All the sword methods and adaptations spread, and Hao Ren realized them almost instantly. A sharp reddish sword showed up as part of his hand. As he migrated, the force of the wind surged up, as well as super bolts chipped.
Hao Ren withdrew the red vigor sword and introduced the many sword energies from his entire body!
Hao Ren acquired achieved Heavenly Dao with swords! The 5-elemental swords could additional blend into your Tiangang Sword which only lightning cultivators could regulate!
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Modifications within the dharma notes alerted Qingfeng Hermit, and she had dashed to 5th Heaven from Eighth Heaven to check on the situation.
She obtained always pondered if he really appreciated her or merely had taken her like a good friend. Discovering Hao Ren treating her cautiously and carefully like she had been a cherished artifact, she knew which he have been fearful of hurting her.
Suddenly, Hao Ren sensed the symbol of a four-petaled lotus developing on his brow!
“Ok.” Xie Yujia nodded, suddenly sensation like not a thing was crucial providing Hao Ren was secure.

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